2017 Annual PSONS School Supply Drive Update & Thank you!

Posted on 26. Sep, 2017 by in Community Service

2017 Annual PSOSN School Supply Drive

Hello again friends and colleague,

Fall is officially upon us and on behalf of Nancy Thompson and myself, we want to send a HUGE thank you for once again delivering on our promise to support needy children at our little school, Four Heroes Elementary!   

2017 just might be our biggest year yet and boy did they needed. Four heroes has grown to include nearly 3 classrooms for each grade level K-5th.  Your generous donations have helped meet a need for kids who want nothing more than to go to school and learn.  Kids who have little, but like every other child want to fit in and be “normal”.  I still cannot imagine heading to my first day of school without new crayons, notebooks and pencils.  Well this year no child will start without having exactly what they need!  

Together, with your unwavering support, we collected nearly 80 backpacks, close to 200 boxes of crayons, hundreds of pencils, dozens and dozens of spiral notebooks, glue sticks, markers and colored pencils.  There were also a great variety of miscellaneous items that the school can always use!  There were three full mid-sized SUV’s filled to the brim with supplies. We also had enough cash, that when combined with the generous PSONS Board donation of $500, allowed us to present the school with a $1000 gift card to Office Depot.  This is so important as the school uses it throughout the year to meet the needs of students that start mid-year!

We would be remiss if we didn’t also thank our industry partners, many of whom area also PSONS members.  They continue to support our PSONS events and endeavors and we are so appreciative!         

Thank you for your continued support of this cause.  The principal at Four Heroes refers to PSONS as his “angel nurses”.  It is such a good feeling to deliver the supplies to the school and see the looks of surprise and gratitude on the teachers faces as we carry in load and load after load of supplies.  Each of you has made a difference in the life of a child.  Thank YOU!

Nancy Thompson and Mindi Chouinard

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