These are all upcoming bills that impact our profession and our patients.  Please take a moment to review them.

HB 1095 The Washington Patient Safety Act – This bill promotes the establishment of “minimal staffing standards” (staffing ratios), provides unfettered decision making authority on the creation of staffing plans with the staffing committee, expands quality indicator reporting requirements, and sets civil penalties for noncompliance.

HB 1152 – is proposed legislation on mandatory uninterrupted breaks for hospital workers in most clinical categories. Conditions for the interruption of breaks are narrow. The law would also require that all hospitals collect data and keep records on all breaks taken and all breaks missed.

HB 1153 – is a bill extending the prohibition on mandatory overtime to most clinical workers in hospitals. It also restricts the use of on-call which can turn into overtime.

SB 5144 – This proposed bill amends the scope of practice of Medical Assistants – Certified, to include arterial access.

HB 1343 and companion SB 5205 – allows an annual licensing fee to include financial support for a “central nursing resource center” (The Washington Center for Nursing).


Here is the link that connects you to the actual bills and when they will be a hearing.



Even though elections are finished, important legislation and policy are in the news. Yet most of us are incredibly busy with work and family and find it difficult to stay on top of things that impact our patients and our profession.

ONS makes it easy….3 steps:

  1. Stay informed: for national issues go to http://www.ons.org/LAC
  2. Be Involved: An additional easy way to get involved is to subscribe by going to http://www.ons.org/LAC/getinvolved/ONStat

ONS members will be contacted when one of their elected officials is critical to a legislative issue that ONS wants to influence in some way. Background material on the issue will be provided to help in responding. Form letters are not used, but sample letters will be provided along with the legislator’s contact information. Write, call or email: As a member of ONStat you will receive sample letters along with the legislator’s contact information.

Do you tweet? You can also keep closer tabs by subscribing @ONSAlec on Twitter

For state issues: http://www.wsna.org/Political-Action/

For members who are not in wsna  http://www.nwone.org/about-us.aspx

To contact and find out who is your senator and representative: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/districtfinder/default.aspx


Want to take it a little further?  Here is a great opportunity.

Advocacy Courses

Whether you are new to health policy advocacy or would like learn ways to get involved beyond the basics, ONS has a webcourse for you! You can earn CE’s and become a savvy Advocate.

Advocacy 101: Making a Difference – This self-paced online course provides the basics of the legislative process, health policy advocacy and ways you can have an impact.

Advocacy 201: Taking it to the Next Level – This webcourse helps you develop skills needed to strengthen relationships with elected officials, impact laws and regulations before implementation, track the legislative progress, and grow as a health policy leader.  http://www.ons.org/CourseDetail.aspx?course_id=91


If you would be interested in being a part of the PSONS Legislative or Health Policy committee please email psonshealthadvocacy@gmail.com