DESC Estelle Apartment Adoption Day – a message from Don Rupp

Posted on 26. Feb, 2018 by in Community Service

Well, that was quite the whirlwind of a day!

Ninety one rooms furnished  in 4.5 hours; it is an awesome feat. An army of volunteers and nearly $20,000  of donations. Add in reporters, and sororities and fraternities, staff, and family. Thank you for being part of such a wonderful, giving day.

Now the Estelle staff is finishing up with the first floor preparations, setting up offices, the kitchen, etc.  It all comes down to the first new tenant,  opening the door with their key, and seeing the attention and care you put into making their apartment a home.  Imagine seeing the Estelle, and their new home through their eyes.

Think of the bed.  Most shelters are able to provide a blanket, and not much more. Often, there are no sheets or pillows, just a plastic mattress and a wool blanket, in a room shared with hundreds of others. And remember, there were likely many nights where a shelter was a distant dream.  Now they see a quiet room, a bed with new sheets and a pillow, these will likely be the first thing that they notice.

Then their eyes will scan past the table set for them. Not a cafeteria tray, not a sack lunch, and not plastic forks and knives.  Real, matching dishes. Most likely it has been years since they owned anything like it.

Next the kitchen. They will turn around and see the pots and pans, dish drainer and utensils and realize they can be independent. How long has it been since they made any type of meal?  In the past, one client saw her kitchen and vowed she would make grilled cheese sandwiches. A quiet dream realized because she now has the tools to do it.

And at last, the bathroom. In touring the apartments I saw so many fun and funky shower curtains.  I am sure they will be delighted! And I am sure they will stand under the warm shower water for an extra long time, in the privacy of their home.

In the privacy of THEIR home.  How powerful is that? What we did last week was provide the groundwork for  some very vulnerable people to feel at home. To feel secure and to feel dignity in where and how they live.  No small thing.

Please forward my gratitude to everyone involved in making  Estelle Apartment Adoption Day a success.    It is amazing in what we can accomplish with many hearts and many hands. Thank you, thank you.

Don Rupp
Volunteer and InKind Gifts Manager
Office and Donation Distribution Center: Rainier House 5270 Rainier Ave South
DESC’s Main Administrative Offices: 515 Third Avenue

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