DESC Service Day Report

Posted on 26. Jan, 2017 by in Community Service

On January 21st, PSONS members spent the day in the DESC garage and annex sorting clothing and toiletries and assembling move in kits for new residents. The team of 20 – 25 people accomplished more than the DESC thought we could get done, which just goes to show how hard nurses are used to working!  The clothing donation pile started as a pile that reached  almost to  the ceiling but was completely emptied by the time we left.  Don Rupp, volunteer coordinator for the DESC,  said he couldn’t remember the last time the clothing corner had been completely sorted.  Clothing was sorted by what could be used by the DESC clients,  what was designer or vintage and could be sold for top dollar to raise money for the DESC,  and the rest was bagged to be sold by the pound to a thrift shop.  Clothing the DESC could use was further sorted by size and season for their use.

PSONS arrived with 4 carloads of high quality and much sought after donations of men’s coats and sweatshirts,  toiletries,  saucepans from the Safeway stamp drive and clock radios.   Don Rupp stated that they never have enough clock radios and that the 40 we brought was “AWESOME”.  Jonathan,  another DESC employee,  opened a box of our donated bars of soaps and said, “SWEET”.  All the socks and coats we had delivered in October and November were already in use.  PSONS also donated approximately 150 gift cards for Starbucks, Mcdonalds or Subway. Special thanks to Delta Dental who donated toothbrushes and the Silver Cloud on Broadway that donated bar soap and shampoo. All in all,  PSONS has made a huge impact on the clients of the DESC!

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