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PSONS elections are now open. Below you will find bios for the current candidates. Click here for the link to the ballots.

President Elect 

ChapmanPhoto (1)

Bob Chapman, RN, MN, CCRN

I have worked in healthcare for over 28 years.  My diverse background includes 10 years as a DRG coder, and 18 years a registered nurse with backgrounds in critical care and oncology nursing.  My healthcare career and my active participation as a PSONS board committee chair demonstrate my core commitment to the PSONS mission.  Since joining the board in November 2012, I promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality nursing care having served in the role of PSONS Quarterly Newsletter Editor.  As a commitment to the board’s vision of leading the transformation of cancer care, I have contributed to the PSONS by creating the new PSONS logo; completed a historical preservation project archiving 35 years of PSONS Quarterly Newsletters; received the ONS newsletter award for excellence in print media; and collaborated to design a new newsletter banner.

I strive to lead with the values of servant leadership, which is a philosophy and set of behaviors that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations, and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.  My vision lends itself nicely to an already strong Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society membership; the vision is to focus primarily on the growth and well-being of the people and the communities which each of us belongs.  How will I achieve this?

With your support and encouragement:

  • Value diverse opinions
  • Cultivate a culture of trust
  • Develop new and emerging leaders for our future
  • Continue promotion of helping people
  • Long-term visionary thinking
  • Act with humility

I would be honored to serve as your next board President.  I thank each of you for your consideration.


HeatherFreebornHeather Freeborn, RN, BSN, OCN

In my 28 years as a nurse, I worked as a critical care nurse in various capacities for 15 years, then moved to oncology nursing for 5 years. Since then I’ve been in industry, first as a nurse educator for 4 years and for the past 4 years in sales. I have a passion for oncology nursing and for PSONS. It is a fun and rewarding experience to serve and I hope to continue for the next 2 years.

As the Treasurer, I have accomplished the following in the past 4 years:

  • Met all treasurer’s responsibilities in keeping the yearly charter
  • Kept a cash positive accounting, enabling the chapter to fund educational activities, replace outdated computer equipment, give scholarships and donate to charitable organizations and finance the functioning of the other activities of the chapter
  • Opened a socially responsibly invested fund with Edward Jones that has paid for itself
  • Moved Ameriprise funds to socially responsible funds
  • Balanced monthly bank statements
  • Transferred all bank accounts to a cloud-based program
  • Kept the past financial records according to the by-laws
  • Kept accurate cash accounting for income and expenditures in a timely fashion
  • Reported a quarterly budget to the board and financial reports to the various committees
  • Kept current on the change in the membership model and adjusted finances accordingly
  • Attended the ONS Leadership weekend in Pittsburgh

My goals for the next 2 years are:

  • Break even or make money on all educational events
  • Give input to a 3-5 year strategic plan that will guide our chapter bylaws and budgets
  • Continue to provide scholarships for educational programs
  • Continue to invest in socially responsible ways for the future so the chapter has 2 years operating expenses in the long term investment accounts
  • Encourage partnership with industry members
  • Assist on any PSONS committees where my insight is of value
  • Attend board meetings every other month
  • Attend Symposium each year
  • Track and give input on finances for each of the committees
  • Propose savings and expenditures that
  • Keep track of membership and follow up what the implications may be that come with changes to numbers and demographics
  • Continue to provide donations to charitable causes
  • Maintain transparency in all chapter financial activities


IMG_2728Reiko Torgeson, MN, RN, OCN

2015 marks my 23rd year as a registered nurse. I’ve practiced in many roles since obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Washington State University so long ago. I have worked in inpatient and outpatient settings, as a staff nurse, manager and an educator, mostly in Oncology. In 2008, I obtained my Master of Nursing from University of Washington, Bothell. Currently, I am a nurse educator for a pharmaceutical company.

I’ve been an active member of this group for several years now, first as the membership committee chair and most recently as the Immediate Past President. The mission of this organization is to “promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer”. That is why I am running for Secretary of the Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society (PSONS). This is an amazing organization, working tirelessly to bring together Oncology nurses from the region, educating and promoting excellence. I want to contribute to the mission, assist with the Board and assure that communication to the members occur in a timely manner, assure accurate record-keeping and mentor colleagues to become more involved in this fantastic organization.

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