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PSONS elections are coming soon! Look for an email regarding election information from PSONS.

Below is the bio for our nominee for President-Elect:

Lynley Fow, MN, ARNP, AOCNP
Bio for 2016 PSONS Election
Position Sought: President-elect

January 25, 2016

I truly believe the only way to ensure the best care of patients is to continually expand our knowledge regarding best patient practices, keeping abreast of the treatment landscape and understanding the conditions that affect our patients. After providing nursing care to patients for over 26 years, nursing remains unchanged regarding our selfless dedication to our patients needs.

Graduating from the University of Delaware and working on a very busy, large scale teaching hospital gave me the skills to take my passion for patient care on the road as a traveling nurse where I practiced in a variety of hospitals on both coasts and a few places in between. After having a life-changing experience at Yale New Haven Hospital, I was encouraged to pursue my master’s degree and become an Oncology nurse practitioner. As luck would have it, I was accepted to the University of Washington’s Acute Care Nurse Practitioner program with a focus in oncology nursing. After passing my boards, I spent eleven years as an oncology certified nurse practitioner in a wonderful practice at EvergreenHealth, dedicated to patient care.

The Puget Sound Chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society is an organization that is committed to the advancement of oncology nursing practice through education, communication and research. I am proud to say that I support these aspirations by being a member of the symposium, education and research committees and lecturing to aspiring oncology nurses at the Fundamentals class.

The tools to help our patients are exponentially more advanced than when I started. Patients, during this vulnerable time, look to nurses for the answers, the support and for hope.

As president of this active chapter, I promise to support these goals and help deliver the information necessary to be the best caregivers to our patients and to ourselves.

I would be honored to serve as your next board President.

Thank you for the consideration.




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