Fall Fundamentals of Oncology Handouts

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Fall 2017 Fundamentals Agenda & Handouts

Click here to download the agenda: Agenda & Speakers Fall Fundamentals 2017
For your references: Notes for Printing handouts
Fall – Faculty & Committee 2017

Day 1
September 13, 2017

Epidemiology, Prevention & Early Detection
Juanita Madison
#1 Health Promotion LECTURE 

Overview of Cancer Pathophysiology
Cynthia Smith
#2 Overview Cancer Pathophysiology

Immunology, Hematopoiesis & Growth Factors
Juanita Madison
#3 Hematopoiesis & Immunology Handout

Kathryn Shih, Overlake Hopsital
#4 Cancer Genetics

Treatment Modalities: BMT
Lenise Taylor
#5a BMT for Fundamentals
0f -Timelines handouts(Color)2
1b – Hematopoietic Stem Cell Definitions

Treatment Modalities: Surgery & Chemo
Kelly Weaver, MultiCare
#5b Principles of Cancer Treatment_spring 2017
#5b Principles of Cancer Treatment_spring2017 – single slides

Treatment Modalities: Biotherapy/Targeted Therapy/CAM
Kelly Weaver, MultiCare
(included in slides from #5b)

Treatment Modalities: XRT
Amy Lynes, Group Health
#6a Introduction to Radiation Oncology Nursing
#6b 1a – BMT Road Map
#6b 1b – Hematopoietic Stem Cell Definitions
#6b 1c- How To Become a Donor

Day 2
September 14, 2017

Legal & Ethical Issues
Karin Mitchell, Attorney at Law
#7 Legal and Ethical Issues Handout 

Gynecologic Cancers
Marge Ramsdell, Madigan
#8 Gynecologic Cancers PSONEC 

GI Cancer
Trisha Marsolini
#9 GI lecture march 2017

Urinary Cancer
Jim Drechsler, SCCA
#10 Genitoruinary Cancers

Breast Cancer
Wilma Samesima, Evergreen Health
#11 BREAST CANCER Presentation 2 

Oncology Nursing and Health Care Reform
Cheri Tofthagen
#12 Health Care Priorities

Day 3
September 20, 2017

Blood Component Support
Mary Grabowski, Bloodworks Northwest
#13a BWNW Modifications Special Attributes – Blood Products 9-2016 (1)
#13b BWNW Reaction Final_Guide_36-9-002.pd (1)

Lymphoma/B-Cell Malignancies
Renee Yanke, Whidbey General
#14 Lymphoma & Myeloma

Nora Grant, Providence Olympia
#15 Survivorship

Sharing Experiences

Palliative and End of Life Care
Alice Foy, VAPSHS
#16 Palliative Care for the Oncology Nurse

Lung Cancer
Mary Jo Sarver, Providence Everett
#17 Fundamentals Lung Cancer Fall 2017 8-21-17 HO

Lenise Taylor, University of Washington
#18 Leukemia

Day 4
September 21, 2017

Psychosocial Dimensions of Care
Toni Black, Highline
#19 Psychosocial Dimensions

Oncologic Emergencies
Ellen Alberts, Northwest
#20 Oncologic Emergencies

Symptom Management: Myelosuppression and Fatigue
Lynley Fow, CHI
Updated 10/2: Slides: #21 Myelosuppression and fatigue

Professional Practice: Nursing as a Career not a Job
Cheri Constantino-Shor, Swedish
#22 Professional Practice: Nursing as a Career not a Job

Symptom Management: Cancer Pain
Kelley Blake, Valley
#23 Cancer Pain

CNS Tumors & Neurologic Alterations
Heather Martin, Swedish
#24 CNS Tumors and Neuro Alt. Fundamentals 

Symptom Management: GI Alterations
Parisa Tsutsumi, UWMC
#25 Gastrointestinal Alterations

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