Spring 2018 Fundamentals of Oncology Handouts

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Spring 2018 Fundamentals of Oncology Handouts

Click here to download the agenda: PSONS Fundamentals of Oncology Nursing Course Agenda March 2018 Website
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Please email psonswebsite@gmail.com if you have any qeustions or issues downloading slides. If some presentation slides are currently unavailable, they will be uploaded as soon as they become available from the presenters.

Day 1
March 12, 2018

Overview of Cancer Pathophysiology
Cynthia Smith Harrison
#1 Pathophysiology of Cancer an Overview of Cancer

Immunology, Hematopoiesis, and Growth Factors
Kelley Blake Valley
#2 Immunology hematopoiesis growth factors

Epidemiology, Prevention and Early Detection
Nancy Thompson Swedish
#3 Epidemiology, Prevention & Early Detection

Kathy Shih Overlake
#4 Cancer Genetics

ONS Healthcare Policy and Legislative Agenda
Alec Stone ONS
#5 ONS Healthcare Policy & Legislative Agenda

Treatment Modalities Surgery and Intro Chemo/Biotherapy
Kelly Weaver MultiCare
#6 Treatment Modalities

Treatment Modalities XRT
Amy Lynes Kaiser
#7 Treatment Modalities – Radiation

Treatment Modalities BMT
Lenise Taylor
#8 BMT for Fundamentals

Day 2
March 13, 2018

Lymphoma/ B-Cell Malignancies
Renee Yanke Whidbey
#9 Lymphoma & Myeloma

Lenise Taylor UW
#10 Leukemia for Fundamentals

GI Cancer
Trisha Marsolini For Franciscan
#11 GI lecture
11b Resources and References GI lecture
#11c Pancreatic Cancer Staging
11d Esophageal and Colorectal Cancer Staging

Breast Cancer
Tami Welch Evergreen
#12 Breast cancer

Head and Neck
Dr. Rosales VM
#13 Head-Neck CA Review

Urinary Cancer
Jim Dreschler UW
#14 Genitoruinary Cancers

Day 3
March 19, 2018

Lung Cancer
Mary Jo Sarver Prov Everett
#15 Lung Cancer
#15a Lung Cancer Case Study

GYN Cancers
Marge Ramsdell Madigan
#16 Gynecologic Cancers

Oncological Emergencies
Ellen Alberts Northwest
#17 Oncologic Emergencies

“The Only Way to Do Great Work is to Love What You Do” S. Jobs
Cheri Constantino-Shor Swedish
#18 The Only Way to Do Great Work is to Love What You Do

Palliative and End of Life Care
Alice Foy VAPSHS
#19 Palliative Care for the Oncology Nurse A FOY 3-18

CNS Tumors and Neuro
Heather Martin Swedish
#20 CNS Tumors and Neuro Alt. Fundamentals

Symptom Management GI Alterations
Parisa Tsutsumi UWMC
#21 Gastrointestinal Alterations
#21a Mucositis

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